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Destination Home

As a new decade begins the term ‘The Roaring 20s’ rings hollow in the cold, sober dawn of a Tory government, climate catastrophe and ongoing Brexit chaos. To write about film, any film seems trivial ...more


Now and again on social media I’ll chance on a plea from a teacher in East Texas or elsewhere on the planet in charge of a class of third-graders. “I want to show my class ...more


I haven’t given much thought to “Voyageuse” lately, too busy with writing a 10th anniversary post for my last film, “The Devil’s Plantation” and researching for a new project. Then there are events: a distracting ...more

Que sera sera

Very few people know but in December 2011 I was offered the job of Filmmaker to the 2014 Commonwealth Games. During the protracted interview process – four meetings over two months – it became apparent ...more


When I decided to make this film in October 2014 I had little apart from an unedited script, some kit and my own devices. Compared to many other films it’s been a relatively short ride, ...more


Today marks the first day of Spring. I wake up to sunshine and clear skies and I think of Erica and how “Voyageuse” is set on the day of the Vernal Equinox. In the film ...more

Pez Espada

Post-London, on my return to Glasgow the first thing I did was fire up the edit suite to add Siân Phillips’ opening speech to a sequence I cut almost a year ago. In that time ...more


In making a film based on a true story I’m conscious of giving precedence to certain facts over others. Here I’m reminded of the producer, Robert Evans’ quote – ‘there’s three sides to every story, ...more

A minor key

Lying in bed with flu, as I listen to the January storms ripping limbs from the ancient lime outside my window, I think of Erica’s journal in which she compares the ‘tossing of the trees, ...more


In pursuit of the seventh art, I have always paid close attention to the craft of sound. During my recent shoot I was struck by the range of noises heard in an otherwise empty house: ...more