Elemental Films

May Miles Thomas'production company



Romance, science and conspiracy in the 20th century. A 70 year journey from rural Hungary to outer space via England, the US and Antarctica.

The Devil's Plantation

A moving psychogeographic journey through place, time and memory. The lives of archaeologist Harry Bell and ex-psychiatric patient Mary Ross unite in the revelation of Glasgow's Secret Geometry.

Cinema City

A fun site for Glasgow Film. Stop-motion animation and interactive mapping capture 100 years of cinema-going memories.


A celebration of Scotland's landscapes for the Disney Pixar BRAVE online experience.

Solid Air

A legal thriller about a forgotten crime. Millions of families worldwide are denied justice for asbestos poisoning. Their stories need telling.

One Life Stand

A landmark in contemporary cinema. The original digital feature, acclaimed around the world as an exemplar of challenging, independent filmmaking.

34 Regent Park Square
Glasgow G41 2AG

+44 (0)141 423 1237

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